The New Way to Wed – Are Smaller Weddings Here to Stay?

Our culture is rich with customs and traditions, and a wedding is a glorious culmination of them. It brings together spirituality and celebration in the most beautiful form, and there is no greater joy for a family to host a wedding surrounded by their friends and family. The 5-day extravaganza of dancing, singing, eating and general merrymaking brings the family…

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Knot the right age : The myth of the perfect age difference for a happy marriage

Every human comes with a unique fingerprint, DNA pattern and a set of nuanced personality traits that differentiate them from the herd. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are not your well-wisher. But that’s a whole different conversation. Talking of DNA, a lot of things follow a pattern or formulae. Chemical equations, blockbuster movies, recipes. Marriages – not one of…

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Priorities post pandemic – meaningful connections is the way to go..

No matter where you come from, elders dishing life lessons at family dinners is a phenomenon no one escapes. Their favourite one directed at “marriageable” singles often goes something like ” You can’t live your life alone! ” Successful Millenials never took that advice seriously as they were busy travelling the world, swiping right and mingling with new people with…

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How being boxed-in can keep you from meeting the one

We all have our romantic notions of relationship and marriages, but there is this one common thread that binds them all. Everyone from your Bhatinda waali maasi to those massive hoardings around your city, peddling everything from diamonds to artisanal mithai, tells you that marriages are made in heaven. This belief that our relationship is created by nothing less than divine…

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Personalized Matchmaking

While we are living in the age of the internet, it has taken over our lives and we depend on it for almost everything we need, including love. The sudden rise in the number of online dating sites and matrimonial websites have opened up a whole new way of finding love. But many are still not comfortable with this idea…

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