Dating Anxiety

Dating is a skill. And like any skill, it needs to be practise for one to be good at it. More often than not, we find
people getting very nervous and, in some cases, even anxious at the prospect of going out and meeting
someone new. In a matchmaking scenario, the added pressure of that individual being the potential
“one” can be nerve-wracking because of which they try and shy away from the process altogether. Here
are some things we have seen over the years that work if you are getting the jitters –

The right location

Familiarity can give you comfort, so request your date to meet you at a place that you know well. The
ambience would be to your liking, you would know how to dress for the venue, the best food and drinks
– all of which will boost your confidence. You can take initiative with ordering the food that can be a
starting point to build an interesting conversation.


Nothing releases anxiety more than articulating your feelings. Let your date know that you are anxious.
They might share words of reassurance or tell you that they are equally nervous that might help you
feel at ease. It will also ensure that they don’t take your nervousness as strange or standoffish

Come Prepared

A little preparation can always go a long way! Prepare a mental note of the kind of questions you would
like to ask and the topics you would like to avoid. Prepare answers in advance on topics that might make
you feel vulnerable. Check out our blog on Top 10 fail-safe questions for a first date to get some
amazing ideas!

Stay in the Now

Dating anxiety stems from the need to seem perfect and leave a good first impression. It makes people
obsess over every little detail like their appearance, posture, throw of words, choice of footwear etc.
Focus on what is being spoken about, and sush that little voice in your head that is making you think
about all the things that can go wrong.

Try and be positive

It is easy to think that things are not going well when your date doesn’t laugh at that joke you have been
practising all day. Hoping for the desired response on everything is unrealistic so when you start feeling
negative, look for evidence that the date is going well. If they smiled when you arrived, are asking you
questions, shared something personal about their life, etc all point to the fact that they too are enjoying
the date.

To find the one, you have to step out of your comfort zone, put yourselves out there and meet people.
So the next time you are nervous about your date, remember – they are too!

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